Welcome to Mr. DLib

Mr. DLib is a non-profit open-source project to provide recommendations-as-a-service for research articles, call for papers, and academic news1. Mr. DLib was originally developed as a Machine-readable Digital Library at the University of California, Berkeley and is nowadays run by researchers, among others, from the Trinity College Dublin (Ireland), and the University of Konstanz (Germany).

Mr. DLib offers three services:

  1. Recommendations-as-a-service (RaaS) for operators of academic products 
    Operators of academic products such as digital libraries or reference management tools can easily integrate a recommender system in their own products with Mr. DLib. To do so, operators need no knowledge about recommender systems. In addition, the effort of integrating Mr. DLib’s recommendations-as-a-service ranges from a few hours to a few days, compared to several months of work for implementing one’s own recommender system. Operators have the choice to recommend only their own content (e.g. research articles) to their users, or content from Mr. DLib’s content providers. Read more…
  2. Academic outreach for providers of academic content 
    Mr. DLib helps content providers such as universities, publishers, conference organizers, and open access repositories to reach out to students and researchers and win them as new visitors, readers, users, or customers. For instance, publishers may gain new readers for their publications; universities may attract new students for their courses; and conference organizers may attract new submissions. Mr. DLib is doing so by recommending the providers’ content — e.g. call for papers, course descriptions, or research articles — to the users of Mr. DLib’s RaaS partners.  Read more…
  3. A real-world research environment for students and researchers
    Mr. DLib shares its data, i.e. we allow external researchers and students to conduct their research with Mr. DLib (as long as the privacy of our partners and users is ensured). In the short-term, we publish datasets that contain the documents indexed by Mr. DLib and information about the delivered recommendations. Our long-term goal is to establish a “living lab” that allows external researchers to evaluate their recommendation algorithm in real-time with Mr. DLib and its partners. Mr. DLib is an ideal environment for research about recommender systems and digital libraries as well as research in the field of machine learning, citation analysis, natural language processing and several related disciplines. So, if you are interested in conducting research that has a real impact on how other researchers work, read more…



1 Currently, only research articles are recommended by Mr. DLib. Further items to recommend, such as academic news are on our road-map.